Ski and snowboard carriers

The snow is calling! We’ve got the winter sport roof racks to get you and all your gear safely to the slopes

Ski and snowboard roof racks

Protect your winter sport gear and yourself by transporting skis and snowboards on a roof-mounted rack. Prevent scratches to your gear and car, and keep all the snow, ice and dirt on the outside of your car, where it belongs.

Get you and your gear to the snow safely

Keep your gear safe and sound on the roads with our hard-wearing ski racks and snowboard roof racks. Just load everything you want and head for the snow. Whether you've got a whole family's worth of gear, or you're flying solo, there is a Yakima ski rack to suit your needs. There's no need to increase the divide between snowboarders and skiers, as our racks can carry both at one time.

We have ski racks for vehicles of many shapes and sizes, and all of our racks are made with impeccable engineering and top-quality materials, which means they’ll last for years to come. Every design is field tested in extreme conditions, so we’re sure you are getting the very best before it reaches your car. Feel confident in your Yakima purchase knowing every rack is easy to use and designed to last.  Every new rack comes with our Limited Lifetime Warranty, and our customer service ensures there’s always someone to assist when you need help.