LockNLoad Platforms

The super tough addition to the roof rack range for 4WDs, SUVs and adventure vehicles

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The unique LOCKNLOAD Platform

Yakima’s LockNLoad Platform is a heavy duty roof rack that fits directly to your car’s mounting points, keeping the roof rack low. Together with the aerodynamic shape, this reduces wind noise and provides the best fuel efficiency. The LockNLoad cargo carrier is available in five different sizes:

Product dimensions:
Platform A
Width 124cm x Length 153cm
Platform B
Width 138cm x Length 154cm
Platform C
Width 138cm x Length 193cm
Platform D
Width 142.5cm x Length 213cm
Platform E
Width 123.5cm x Length 213cm

Innovative Slats

Every slat incorporates a 21 mm accessory slot, with drop-in cutouts, for easy mounting of all kinds of accessories and carriers. Plus, the slat’s width is designed for compatibility with Yakima clamp-type mounts. The LockNLoad Platform mounts directly to your car’s mounting points, so you don’t need any roof bars and it provides the lowest height possible. The LockNLoad platform is compatible with accessories from most popular accessory brands, so you don’t have to buy everything again you might already have in another brand.

East-West Slats

Our platform’s slats run across the vehicle (“east-west”), like normal roof racks do. This provides greater flexibility when choosing accessories and more tie down options. Plus, together with the steel corner reinforcements, it maintains better load distribution.

Perimeter Mounting Track

All sides of the platform’s perimeter feature a top slot for mounting accessories. Even high lift jack and awnings won’t make it sag or bend, given the ample reinforcement from slats, corner inserts and spine segments.

Corrosion Resistant

Constructed from powdercoated aluminium, with additional e-coating in critical areas, the LockNLoad Platform will survive the harshest of conditions.

LOCKNLOAD Platform Accessories

Easily Mount your accessories to your Yakima Platform using the innovative slats.

Accessory Brackets Kit
Two versatile brackets for mounting almost any accessory
Bottle Opener / Multi Bracket (for the LockNLoad Platform)
Add additional functionality to your Platform
High Lift Jack Holder
Carry one high lift jack on your crossbars or LockNLoad Platform.
Recovery Track Holder
Carrying solution for popular recovery tracks
Corner Brackets Kit (for LockNLoad Platform)
Carry your bulky loads on your Platform
Awning Brackets
Mount an awning to your bars or LockNLoad Platform
Gas Bottle Holder (for LockNLoad Platform)
Simple and safe way to transport your a bottle
Spare Wheel Restraint
Secure one spare tyre to your platform.
Carry those long pieces of gear that doesn't fit in your vehicle
LightN'Up Light Bracket Kit
Easily mount your lights on your LockNLoad or Yakima crossbars
Load Roller
Protect your crossbar and make it easy to load/unload your gear
Load Holder
Hold your gear in place
Eye Bolt Kit
Create an extra tiedown point

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