Roof Rack Accessories

Give more functionality to your Roof Rack and Platform with Yakima's extensive range of accessories, transporting your load to your destination, safely.

Accessories for your roof rack

Get the most out of your roof rack with Yakima’s roof rack accessories. Your roof rack can be made even more useful and versatile than it already is by adding some easy-to-use attachments. Each accessory has been designed to perfectly fit our roof racks and is dedicated to carry your gear safely.

Customize your roof rack

Our extensive range of accessories gives you the opportunity to transport your gear even more easily and safely. Make locking up your gear simple with a set of SKS Lock Cores. Because these locks are keyed alike, you can open all of your Yakima products with just one key. It is also possible to add specialised holders and brackets for gas bottles, high lift jacks, spare wheels and shovels.