Rear mounted bike racks

Take your bicycle on one of our rear door bike racks.

Rear door bike racks

Yakima rear mounted bike racks attach to your boot or hatch and are an economical, easy-to-use solution for small vehicles, people who switch cars often and single riders. Our rear bike racks attach quickly and easily to your car’s hatchback or boot for maximum adventure time with minimal installation. Your bike will be safe and sound as you explore far and wide for the sweetest spot to start your ride. Our rear racks are portable and make loading your bike simple.

Racks for car boots

Our boot and hatchback racks are durable and each is a one-piece system, so there's no need for complicated installation. Yakima rear-mounted bike racks use straps to secure the rack to your car’s boot or hatch, and each comes with padded support to help protect your bike as you travel down the road.

With rugged construction and stylish design, all of Yakima’s rear bike racks will have you hitting the trail in no time without breaking the bank. While rear racks may be simpler than hitches or racks, Yakima never skimps on quality, so rest assured this rack will last. All of our rear bike racks feature ease of installation as well as storage when not in use, making these racks the perfect solution for many riders.