Roof Racks

Aerodynamic and quiet, lightweight and strong - bars that seamlessly integrate with the shape of your vehicle.

Yakima roof rack systems

Yakima roof racks are engineered to blend with your car's design while delivering superior aerodynamic performance and lowest overall drag. This means they provide the quietest ride available and best fuel efficiency compared to other brands.

Modern crossbars, seamless integration.

Yakima roof racks have a sleek and seamless design that enhances the appearance of any vehicle type.

Improved Performance

A decade of research in automotive design and aerodynamics. The Yakima system is engineered for the least possible wind noise and drag and to deliver superior performance.

Sleek Looks

The original designer worked in aircraft engineering, and his passion for clean lines and purposeful aesthetics remains. Aero bars by Yakima means:

  • Good looks that suits all vehicles
  • An innovative design that drastically reduces wind noise, drag and vibration
  • Pin-drop quiet, fuel efficient performance on the road

Solid, long-lasting function

This line of products is still Yakima at its core. Elegant and beautiful, to be sure, but every bit as durable and purpose-built as our name implies, offering:

  • Yakima SmartFoot™ Technology, adaptable to a variety of roof mounts
  • Reliable, virtually indestructible strength and stamina
  • Included locks for security and peace of mind

Yakima SmartFoot™ Technology

Yakima SmartFoot™ technology affords a custom rack fit to your vehicle using precision engineered Yakima SmartFoot™ fitting kits, which are simple to install.