Bike racks

Check out our bike roof racks, towball bike racks, accessories and much more

Bike Roof Racks

Seize the day and take your bicycle where it's never been before with our car bike racks. Our bike carriers secure your two-wheeled beauty to your vehicle for a smooth ride.

Bike Rack Rear Door

Get your bicycle and get going. Yakima has a bike rack solution for every car and rider. Take a look at our rear door bike racks.

Bike Rack Towball

It's super easy to get to your bikes to your riding destination, just click and go with our tow ball product range.

Pickup Bike Racks

Transform your Pickup into the ultimate bike rack with our pick up tray accessories. All of Yakima’s accessories will help ensure your bikes won’t get damaged while on the go.

Bike Rack Spare Tyre

If you have a spare tyre on the rear of your vehicle, don't let it spoil your bike riding and choose Yakima's premium bike carrying option: the spare tyre bike carrier.

Bike Rack Accessories

Make the most of your bike rides with Yakima bike accessories. Fork adaptors, deadlocks and other accessories to enhance your riding each day, week and month.

Yakima Bike Racks

If you like to ride on distant roads or remote surroundings you’ll need a bike rack to take your bike there. Bike racks are a great way to transport your bike wherever you want to go. They keep your muddy bike out of the car and leave more space for passengers. Take a look at our large variety of bike racks and pick the right one for your car.

Find the perfect bike rack for your car

We design bike racks for just about any car. Tow ball mounted bike racks are super easy and quick to use. They are great for fast and easy loading of your bike. If you don’t have a towball, you can carry your bikes on the roof of your car with a roof bike carrier. There is also the option of a rear mounted bike rack to take your bike on your rear door. Whichever bike rack you choose, all of them load up quickly and are easy to use.

Safe and easy bike racks

Every Yakima bike rack is made with top-quality materials and tested extensively in the field, so we can guarantee the safety and quality of our bike carriers. We are confident that your bike carrier will last for years and years to come.