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20 of the best foods for camping

Thinking of a few nights under the stars? Camping is a great way to get back to nature and see the natural beauty of the world. It can be a fun environment for the whole family, or even as a romantic getaway for two in a peaceful setting. We tend to think a lot about what we’re going to do in the great outdoors, with usually a load of activities to choose from, but what are you going to eat? Planning a meal is not as easy as it is when you have access to a kitchen or even a refrigerator. Here are some of the best foods to consider taking with you so you can still have an amazing meal on your next camping trip.

Here are the top 20 best foods for camping:


Pasta is easy to keep as it doesn't need a refrigerator. They only need boiling for a few minutes, drain and add your favourite sauce!


Noodles can either be boiled or some you can stir fry up with some vegetables. This will make a tasty dish that will fill everyone up but be light enough for warm nights.


All those little ketchup packets will come in handy now on your camping trip! Don’t bring whole jars of sauces they just take up space and often need to be refrigerated. Be sure to bring plenty of packets just in case extra flavour is needed to anything.


Many spreads we use daily don’t need to be refrigerated like peanut butter and vegemite. If you like your jam, go for the little one-time use packs like the condiments.

UHT milk

This is the long-lasting milk that will not need refrigeration until it is opened. It is available in most supermarkets, and a few small packs will stop you from having to revisit the shop for milk when needed. UHT cream and custard can help make a great camping dish!


We recommend getting your bread the day you go, so hopefully, it will last the duration of your trip. Use it for sandwiches, toast, French toast, and more.


Oil is an absolute essential for cooking to make sure nothing gets stuck in your pots and pans!


You’ll need eggs for some dishes like French toast or “eggs in jail” (fried egg in the middle of a piece of toast), or just have them scrambled.

Tinned fish

Packed with omega-3, tinned fish can turn a boring dish into something more tasty and healthy. You can easily get your muscle-building protein after a long day out, just don’t forget the can opener!

Dehydrated soup packets

A quick and easy meal can be had with soup packets. You should bring them regardless if you have enough food or not because they’re handy just in case things go bad. You can also put sop packets into some dishes to add extra flavour.

Pre-mixed ingredients

Damper is a food embedded in Australian history, traditionally made on the coals of a fire. Now you can too easily with you bring your ingredients pre-mixed. It will save you time and space and get you enjoying your damper that much faster. You can also have pre-mixed ingredients for other bread and pancakes.


You can get pre-cooked rice in a packet or boil in the bag.


For sweet treats and for tea and coffee, you won’t want to forget the sugar. Instead of bringing a big bag, use packets instead.

Tinned beans

This is an easy side dish. Just empty into a pan and heat up for a few minutes for a classic camping treat.

Tinned spaghetti

This is a favourite for kids and a super easy choice for picky eaters.

Fresh fruit/vegetables

If you’re spending a few days out, try to get fruit and vegetables that still need a bit of time to ripen. Grilled bananas on the campfire are to die for!

Tinned fruit and vegetables

For fruit and vegetables, you won’t need to worry about going bad, get them tinned.

Stock cubes

A super easy way to add flavour to any dish, stock cubes are easy to bring along the trip as they are individually wrapped and small!

Salt and pepper

You probably wouldn’t realise how much you miss salt and pepper until you leave it at home! Don’t leave your camping dishes bland. Take little packets of salt and pepper if it is more convenient.


Finally, it isn’t a camping trip without roasting marshmallows over the fire. Get the big marshmallows that will fit easily on a stick. Don’t want to use a stick? Then bring a couple wire hangers from home, unwind them and stick your marshmallow on one end while you hold the other.

As you can see, camping food doesn’t have to be all that bad! Once you’ve packed up your equipment on your Yakima roof racks and have had a great day in the wilderness, treat yourself to some easy and delicious foods for camping.

Last updated: 22nd January 2018

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